Wednesday, December 8, 2010

John Lenon&Hellboy

Hey guys, when i look up for the blogs i like when the artist show their own process steps to get the final result. I've just realized that i dont have nothing of it so here it goes.

I choose the last illustration that I did to show my way of working.

I did this illustration for the project of fistfulloffanart. original idea of Ricardo Venancio.

I've came up with the idea of john lenon and hellboy playing guitar cause for those illustrations the artists need to pick up the inspiration from the previous one.

Ricardo Tercio did Rocket Racoon so I did some research about it and I found that racoon's creator found inspiration in the beatles songs to create it- this why john lenon and vibe- and the first artist penciling it was Mike Mignola, this one is obvious why hellboy.

After coming up with this idea i did some quickscketches on the train.
Then, i did the final sketch on a A3 page size and I inked it. it took me about two hours for both.

After this it just needed some colors to pop out. I choose to color it in flat tones so this way the lines and the draw could breathe better. i used some textures too to create some noise here. this image show the halfway of this procees.

Hope you guys like it